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Many thanks to all who entered this year's Lucky Dip competition, for which Knit-for-Nowt received 278 entries!  All those items are going to help worried children and have been donated as normal

See below for the winners and Gallery 1, worry monsters 


CLICK HERE for Gallery 2  animal worry eaters and robots

The winning numbers were picked out of a hat by Emotional Literacy Support Assistant Sarah Wilson at Cherry Burton Primary School, East Yorkshire on Monday November 28th 2022.

10 winners each receive a £20 voucher to spend in the online shop "Black Sheep Wools"  And the owner of the shop, Sara, has very kindly donated two of the vouchers, for which we're very grateful.  

From left to right, Knit-for-Nowt "new makers' mentor" and pattern designer Val; ELSA Sarah Wilson; and organiser Clare.  And Clare with some of the children in the school's "Rainbow Room", a dedicated space for helping children with their emotions

Lucky Dip with Val and Sarah Wilson.JPG
Lucky Dip with children.JPG


175  The middle one of these three disability

sewn monsters by Laura in Worcestershire

129 Robot worry eater by Rachel in Derbyshire

271 "Toothy" monster on the left by Lesley in Hampshire

174,175,176 Laura Gill.JPG
129 Rachel Wigram.JPG
271,272 Lesley Pearson.JPG

147 Cat worry eater by Madeleine in Devon

147 Madeleine Maddocks.JPG

4    Bear worry eater on the left by Cathy in Kent

4,5,6,7,8 Cathy Peachey.JPG

34  Zippy monster by Marion in Lancashire

34 Marion Flavell.JPG

120  Body Image monsters by Katharine in Warwickshire

184  Dog worry eater by Fran in County Durham

41  Frog worry eater on the left by Lynne in Yorkshire

120 Katherine Riley.JPG
184 Fran Thompson.JPG
41,42 Lynne Pengelly.JPG

153  Mojo on the left by Katie in Surrey

148,149,150,151,152,153 Katie Price.JPG


3 Liz Stuart.JPG
9 Alison Singleton.JPG
10 Alison Singleton.JPG
11 Carole Whitney.JPG
12 Marion Flavell.JPG
18 Ros Rokison.JPG
29 Brenda Ray.JPG
28 Jenny Ramsey.JPG
13 Irene Turnbull.JPG
15,16,17 Ros Rokison.JPG
19 Ros Rokison.JPG
56 Angela Currie.JPG
53 Marion Flavell.JPG
22,23 Carol Clark.JPG
20 Pat Sequeira.JPG
36,37,38 Sandra Preston.JPG
33 Carole Whitney.JPG
52 Carole Whitney.JPG
70 Vicky Berry.JPG
100 Doreen Larney.JPG
57,58,59,60 Ria Cooper.JPG
67,68,69 Vicky Berry.JPG
77,78,79 Lesley Pearson.JPG
80,81,82 Lesley Pearson.JPG
86 Carole Whitney.JPG
87 Marion Flavell.JPG
90 Jane Hinde.JPG
91,92,93 Carol James.JPG
101 Carole Whitney.JPG
98 Angela Tonks.JPG
102 Carole Whitney.JPG
103,104 Sandy Picot.JPG
105,106,107 Maureen Laurenson.JPG
114 Michelle Marfleet.JPG
128 Rachel Wigram.JPG
118 Katharine Riley.JPG
119 Katharine Riley.JPG
121 Katharine Riley.JPG
122 Katherine Riley.JPG
130,131 Carol Townsend.JPG
132,133,134,135,136,137 Carol Townsend.JPG
138,139 Jan Ryan.JPG
157 Clair Padovan.JPG
172 Laura Gill.JPG
145,146 Madeleine Maddocks.JPG
155,156 Diane Aylett.JPG
160 Carole Whitney.JPG
161 Marion Flavell.JPG
173 Laura Gill.JPG
195 Alison Singleton.JPG
169,170 Pam Williams.JPG
188,189 Denise Hayward.JPG
192 Denise Hayward.JPG
193 Carole Whitney.JPG
194 Marion Flavell.JPG
196 Alison Singleton.JPG
198 Chris Dixon.JPG
197 Alison Singleton.JPG
199,200 Chris Dixon.JPG
207,208,209 Aranya Koshi.JPG
228,229 Carol James.JPG
210 Aranya Koshi.JPG
227 Jan Ryan.JPG
213 Rachel Wigram.JPG
232 Carole Whitney.JPG
215,216,217 Marion Conybeare.JPG
222 Rosemary Dunnill.JPG
223,224 Rosemary Dunnill.JPG
205 Jane Ackerley.JPG
233 Marion Flavell.JPG
234 Rachel Wigram.JPG
235 Rachel Wigram.JPG
242,243,244 Carol Wooding.JPG
257 Carol James.JPG
245,246,247 Carol Wooding.JPG
249 Fran Thompson.JPG
251,252,253 Sandra Preston.JPG
254 Diane Aylett.JPG
255 Diane Aylett.JPG
265 Marion Flavell.JPG
273,274 Lesley Pearson.JPG
259,260,261 Maureen Laurenson.JPG
Pamela Berry for comp.JPG
264 Carole Whitney.JPG
275 Helen Glew.JPG
263 Lynda Ward.JPG
262 Lynda Ward.JPG
258 Carol James.JPG
266-270 Lesley Pearson.JPG

Congratulations to all who took part.  If you can't see your entry here please get in touch in case it got missed out by mistake!  



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