Our ANIMAL WORRY EATER PATTERNS ARE NOW ON A NEW PAGE  - for the patterns and also details of our new "Lucky Dip" competition please CLICK HERE    

  • Worry monsters are used by therapists to help children come to terms with concerns and worries that are often very serious.

  • Animal worry eaters are used for the same purpose - they are stuffed animals with a deep mouth pocket for children to post in their worries, written or drawn on a piece of paper 

For more details on why worry items work, please CLICK HERE


Firstly, before making your item, please read the following safety guidelines for the worry puppets and monsters - safety is of the utmost importance, and we must adhere to certain rules in order to satisfy product safety regulations as advised by Trading Standards (we don't trade items but the same rules apply.)


  • Please could knitters and sewers embroider the eyes and features with wool or embroidery yarn,  or you could use pieces of felt securely sewn on, or use buttons. However, buttons should be extra firmly attached - please use strong thread and sew over and over many times to be sure.  All items are tested for strength before being sent out. Safety eyes for stuffed monsters or puppets are fine (please don’t use them in any unstuffed item).

  • Although not specifically requested in our patterns, worry monsters with a zip closure to the mouth are very much appreciated by therapists, as they tell us that it emphasizes that the monster has "gobbled up" the worry.  However if the pocket is deep enough to hold worry papers it's fine to leave it without a method of closure.  (We now prefer the mouth to be without button closures, it looks more natural and is safer.)

  • Please ensure that any “hair” that you’ve attached cannot be pulled out – some of our puppets were originally identified as unsuitable to give out, as the Trading Standards inspector easily pulled strands out. Very “hairy” yarns, such as mohair, are also unsuitable on our items, as the strands can become detached.  Sorry, not bobble hats or pompoms for the same reason. If you are at all unsure, please check first with Clare.

  • Only stuffing which says that it is specifically suitable for toys, and has a BS or CE label on the packaging is allowed by product safety regulations.  Trading Standards emphasizes that duvet or cushion stuffing is not suitable. All stuffing must be fully enclosed and seams very firmly sewn together so it can’t get out. Please be careful of the looseness of stitching. 

  • No glue should be used, and please do check carefully that you’ve removed all pins – (we’ll also check that again this end so we’re certain.)

  • No ribbons or cords longer than 23cm     


All patterns are donated and are under copyright.  They should only be used for charitable purposes

and are not permitted to be used for commercial gain.


For some suggestions for ATTACHING HAIR SAFELY -      CLICK HERE

For some ideas and pictures of monsters' eyes and hair - CLICK HERE

Please note that the body of stuffed worry monsters needs to be a minimum of 12" long (not counting legs), and no more than 17" long, in order to fit our despatch boxes.

Basic Worry Monster      CLICK HERE


131b Val H.jpg
Monster Diagram with labels.jpg

The NSPCC runs a “Pants Programme” teaching young children to understand about privacy and thereby helping to prevent child abuse.  Please see the link: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/underwear-rule/  If you'd like to knit some pants for your monster: 

                            If using the basic worry monster pattern, for the PANTS PATTERN CLICK HERE 
                                      For a variety of patterns to fit smaller monsters please  CLICK HERE


Please do knit this absolutely lovely design by Vanessa and Linda - he's gorgeous isn't he!





These monsters are designed to help youngsters who have problems and worries surrounding their body image.  This can be a very serious issue even for quite young children.  Research suggests that children as young as 3 years old can have body image worries. This problem can be complex and range from mild to very severe body hatred, and can be linked to lack of self-esteem, depression and eating disorders.


Please knit 2 monsters, to be used in therapy as a pair 

                      CLICK HERE FOR PATTERN 1                                                 CLICK HERE FOR PATTERN 2

Colette's little and large 2 25.6.19.jpg
Monster standing 2.jpg


If you crochet, we now have two "animal worry eater" patterns for you as well as these monsters.  There's a "worry caterpillar" and a "worry frog" To go to the page with those patterns CLICK HERE 

Crochet monster pattern 1  CLICK HERE

and for help with adding the zip mouth CLICK HERE

If you'd like to make an easy animal face for this monster first crochet the first part (just the body) of pattern 1 (above) and then CLICK HERE for the animal face pattern

Crochet by Phyllis.jpg

For a pattern for crocheted hair            CLICK HERE

Patterns for crochet eyes, noses, arms,legs           CLICK HERE

 Crochet monster 2 CLICK HERE             Crochet version of "toothy the worry


                                                                       For the crochet pattern UK terms CLICK HERE                                                                                                                      For the crochet pattern US terms CLICK HERE

Cute crochet monster.jpg


As it seems that masks will be will us for some time yet, would you like to make a face covering for your monster,

or send Knit-for-Nowt a selection of masks to add to our monsters?  Young children can be quite intimidated by a mask, so adding one to a monster aims to relieve that fear.

Please make your mask in a single colour and use DK yarn


Kerri A2 17.8.20.jpg

We've been asked by some therapists if we could put black eyes or bruise marks onto some of our monsters for use with cases of physical abuse.  This is a sensitive subject, but we want to try to be as helpful as possible.  If you'd like to add these features to your monster, for the pattern CLICK HERE

Abuse for website 1.JPG
Abuse for website 2.JPG
Janet G1 30.6.21.JPG



Could you make your monster useful for helping children with disabilities?  


Rachel Holmes has come up with an ingenious idea for making a monster which could represent disability – something we are frequently asked for by therapists working with disabled children.  All you do is attach some Velcro to the end of the arm,leg, hand, foot - and another piece of Velcro to the place on the monster where you are going to attach it.  That way the monster can either be used whole, or with one arm or leg missing.  Brilliant!  You could do this on any worry monster pattern that you are using.

Or you could make us some monsters which have only one leg/foot, or arm/hand.  It looks more realistic if you make a little stump for an arm or leg (see third picture).

Rachel H 1 30.8.20.JPG
Rachel H 2 30.8.20.JPG
Jean W1 6.8.20.jpg

PREGNANT MONSTER - requested by therapists


Pregnant pics Anne T.JPG