Knit-for-Nowt is a charitable service based in Yorkshire.  It appeals for  knitted, crocheted, or sewn hand puppets and "worry monsters", which are used by therapists to help children suffering from abuse, neglect, bereavement or other serious problems. There is a huge need for these.  They are made by a dedicated team of volunteer knitters/makers and then donated to Social Work teams and Children's therapists right across the UK.


On this site you'll find details of what we can provide.  

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THERAPISTS:  At the moment it's not possible for you to request items, as our waiting list is currently closed.  Please "Follow" us on Facebook to get an alert when we open the list again. 


NEW KNITTERS:  we have a team of knitters, and at present we don't have spaces available for more, however if you wish to fill in your details on the Contact Page we can let you know when/if we need your help, thank you



"KNIT FOR NOWT"    A  charitable service