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DETAILS FOR KNITTERS or SEWERS who are already on our knitting team

To apply to knit for us please CLICK HERE for the Contact Page  



Hand and finger puppets in adult hand sizes, used by workers for therapy with children suffering from abuse, neglect,bereavement, or other worries.                  For full details      CLICK HERE


"Worry Monsters" or "Animal Worry Eaters"          For full details     CLICK HERE 

Please note that we can only take items which are brand new, hand or machine knitted, crocheted or sewn with fabric, and in good, clean condition

Our patterns are password protected.  The password is only for our registered team of knitters and sewers.  You will be given it once you join our team.


Patterns for puppets                                                             CLICK HERE   

Patterns for worry monsters and animal worry eaters     CLICK HERE    

Patterns for sewn items                                                               CLICK HERE

NO THANKS: no clothing, blankets, dolls, toys, or any other items which are not puppets, monsters or animal worry eaters. 

We regret that we are unable to refund the cost of postage or materials.  We're also sorry that funding and time won't allow for us to collect items.


Please always include your name, surname and email address with items. 


CLICK HERE for Knit-for-Nowt Terms and Conditions


1             Worry monsters – choose from "Zippy", (has a zipped mouth) and “Toothy the Worry Eater!” Sewn ones welcome too. 

                  Please note the recommended dimensions in the patterns and please stuff these firmly with approved stuffing

2               Animal Worry Eaters or Robot worry eaters - please ensure that you make a really good, deep pocket in these.  Please

                  stuff these firmly with approved stuffing

3              Sewn Mojo monsters – the knitted version didn’t prove so popular and it was more difficult to get good facial expressions,                     but the sewn version is just about the most popular item requested (please stuff these firmly)

4              “Body Image” worry monsters, both in knitted and sewn versions, identical in height and colours, but one is fatter, one                           thinner.  

5               Disability monsters – if only one leg or arm, please make a stump, it looks more realistic. No disability animals thanks.

6              Abuse monsters - simply add a crescent shape around one eye, (black eye), and some purple, red or black marks on the                           limbs by sewing on pieces of felt, knitting or embroidering them.  No abuse animals thanks.

7              Pants for monsters – we can fit them on the monsters here, or make your own for your monster. 

8             Hand puppet families with happy/sad sides – Mum, Dad, Gran, Grandad, boy, girl, with siblings if you like. With faces in                            cream or pale pink yarn, or any shade of brown, but not black.  Please make them all to fit an adult hand.

9              Hand puppet families as above, but specifically Muslim or Asian

10            Bully hand puppet and Internet groomer hand puppet

11            Pairs of identical hand puppets for Play Therapy work – these could be “people” or animals

12           “Professionals” sets of hand puppets: doctor, nurse, police, social worker, teacher, and judge in robes. We’d also like if                               possible a “professional in a suit”

13            "Emotiknit Colour Puppets": our very own pattern, different coloured puppets represent different emotions

14           Animal or children’s character hand puppets – feel free to use patterns available online. As it’s for charity we’ve never had                     a problem with that, but we’re unable to put them up on the website due to copyright.

15           Transgender hand puppets (one side male, one side female)

16            Finger puppets – use any pattern you like, "people" or animals

17            Pregnant monster and pregnant hand puppet

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