Quotes from Recipients



Your knitted donations of puppets and monsters can make a huge difference to many people. Read what the actual workers who help children on a day-to-day basis say:



Leeds Therapeutic Social Work Team


Hi Clare,


Your email has caused great excitement in our team and the pictures of your puppets are lovely.  We would love to take all that you can send us, people, animals etc,  and I will distribute amongst our therapists and also the workers in the 0-5 years looked after teams in our area if that is agreeable to you.  I’m not sure if you ever produce puppets with different skin tones/ethnicities as these would also be useful.



Sheffield West


I work in the Sheffield West children and Families  child protection  social work teams, my particular role is supporting student social workers who will while on placement in these teams to undertake direct work with children looking at their wishes and feelings and exploring what is happening in their families.  I would very much like the opportunity to have a full range of the hand puppets produced by knit for nowt to be available for the students and my social work colleagues.


I have been shown some of the puppets from a colleague in the Sheffield East social work team and know my colleagues in that area have found the puppets invaluable in their work with children. 


Clare your parcel has arrived...the puppets are fantastic, love the worry monsters as well. I think perhaps five further boxes would be wonderful and would give my colleagues in the West a useful resource for their direct work with children.


I don’t know if my colleague has contacted you recently but she came to look at my box and mentioned she would like a puppet that showed anger as the face as a sort of mask and behind the mask the emotions that often underpin anger i.e. fear, sadness, disappointment, confusion.  Would any of your fabulous knitters have any way of creating a puppet that could show this?  I was thinking of some sort of mitten with finger gloves inside type of idea…  I know I would find this helpful.


Please also pass on to your knitters what joyous creations these puppets/monsters are, so colourful and imaginative I am in awe of their skill and cannot wait to start using some.





A Children’s Advocate with York City Council Advocacy and Participation team. 


Hi Clare


I’ve received the parcel and have already shared half of these across two different services – they are greatly appreciated ... please pass our thanks to the knitters for giving their time to create such wonderful puppets.


I have to add - your puppets have just been spotted by our social work teams could I up my request by another 25 ( I’d ask for 50 but don’t want to appear greedy)  these are to be distributed between:


3 Childrens social work teams

3 Childrens assessment teams

3 Child in need teams

Health and Disability team and Short breaks service


The current 50 have been distributed across the Childrens advice and assessment team ( who will be using them to promote and encourage direct work with children in schools) , the advocacy service for use with direct work with children and young people in care and on child protection and 1 children’s centres for direct work with under 5’s .


Sheffield East team Social Worker


Thank you so much. I have already been using them in my direct work with the children and they are a big hit. The worry monsters in particular have worked very well and some of the children’s logic for how they work is just brilliant!



Advanced Social Work Practitioner, York


Hi Clare, thank you so so much for the wonderful box of finger and hand puppets you have so kindly given to us – opening your box has put a smile on my face.


I have been putting together boxes of ‘tools’ for social workers across children’s services in York to support us in our direct work and communicating with children. These puppets will be a great addition to the boxes and I know that they will be well used. I can’t wait to share them out and deliver them to the teams next week so we can start to use them!


Please do pass on our thanks to all the people who are so skilled and generous in providing us with this fabulous resource...your generosity means that all workers who need a puppet will have them available at the time they need it, and better still they will have a choice to suit the individual child they are working with and can use more than one at a time!



Social Worker in Child Protection, Lauren - Sheffield team 


I’ve noticed that a lot of my colleagues have these and have raved about how useful they are in direct work. I can use theirs until mine comes through so a waiting list is no trouble at all.

We are all in awe of the lovely people who make these.






Lauren holding a knitted and

a sewn monster - we welcome

both types!

















Sheffield East Social Work team




Just wanted to let you know how well received the puppets have been and that they are being used. I have used them with some children in life story work, a colleague has been using them with a child as part of adoption preparation work and another colleague has been using the worry monsters in working with some children where there are concerns about domestic abuse in the household. Having the people hand puppets with different ethnicities has been particularly useful.


I wanted to pass on thanks to the knitters and let them know their hard work is much appreciated.



Hi there,


I’m a social worker in the Sheffield area and have seen all the wonderful packages that you have been sending to my colleagues. I was wondering whether you would consider sending me a package also of various items, such as the worry monster puppet, the White British and ethnic group puppets, which would be hugely beneficial to my work with young children


Hi Clare,


Thank you so much for making contact with me, I came into the office today having been away at another office and the first thing I asked was whether the Knit-for-Nowt parcel had arrived. I cant wait to get started with them.


I have discussed your question with various professionals in the team and they think that it would be a good idea to have a doll with a head scarf / burka, this is a hugely important cultural diversity issue and having an understanding from the child’s perspective of what the scarf and burka represents to their culture can be an ice breaking exercise.


I was thinking of other ideas like faces with expressions on sad, happy, scared, worries etc as we use emotions to gauge how a child is experiencing their home life / school / even contact with a professional.


I think I could get so carried away as I am so enthusiastic about the work you are undertaking.


Kind regards, Ellen










Here's Ellen with one of

your monsters!
















Principal Child and Family Social Worker

Children and Young People’s Services, Halifax


Dear Clare

Thank you for the puppets.

I have given them to our therapeutic team and they are absolutely delighted with them

Please pass on our thanks to your knitters

Kind regards


Sheffield Fostering

Hi Clare

Yes please! The Fostering Support Team would love some puppets, they will enhance our work with Foster Carers around being a therapeutic parent. Please can we have a variety of characters . We would especially love ones which represent the diversity of Sheffield.

Many Thanks





I manage an advocacy project for children within child protection processes in Sheffield Local Authority. We work one to one with children to enable them to open up about their lives and to talk about any what’s going well and what they would like to change. The information is then fed into the child protection meeting by us (as the child can’t attend) and as such their voice is heard and contributes to the plan to support the family in difficult time.


As you can imagine, our work is very much play-based and we use a number of tools and techniques to make the work as painless as possible for the children, some of whom are as young as 4 and 5 years old.


I was speaking to a social worker yesterday who showed me the amazing hand puppets that you make and I wondered if it would be possible to have some for our project so our advocates could use them with the children they work with? A lot of the work is based on discussions of family members – I saw there was a set of ‘people’ that would be great, but we’d be open to anything you think might be helpful. The animal ones also would work well as children love animals and even if it’s not the focus of our discussion, it’s helpful to have some play time during the chats which as you can imagine can be quite difficult for the children.




Hull Social Worker



Had a quick chat with my team we feel that offering a wide range of colours is best (as already provided). We are directed by which puppet the child chooses – rather than choosing one for them and their reason for choosing a specific puppet could be so varied and not necessarily related to ‘skin colour’. It’s a good idea re: the burka, headscarf and to do them with a variety of skin colours. When thinking about other puppets – teachers, drs, police would be good puppets to identify as as ‘safe people/puppets’



Sheffield Fostering Support worker

Hi Clare


Just got the puppets  WOW!

Really can’t thank you enough… lots of interest from other members of staff...!

Will be taking the puppets to ...the Fostering Womens Support Group tonight.

Please pass on my grateful thanks to the amazingly talented ‘Knit for Nowts’



Sheffield Children's Involvement Manager


We have received the puppets and they’re BRILLIANT!!

A colleague took some out yesterday to do some work with a child and said they worked really well – they had a lot of fun with them talking about a really difficult topic.

So a great big thank you to you and all your knitters, we’re very grateful!!

Many thanks again.




Fantastic Clare!

Just opened the 2 packets of Worry Eaters

We Fostering Support Workers are so very grateful , the worry eaters and puppets will massively enhance our 1- 1work with young children

They are also great for staff to cuddle when we need too!

Thank you so much for your generosity