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Worry Monsters are used to help children who have suffered from abuse, neglect, or other serious problems, to resolve their worries, and they're very popular with children.  


Sometimes just writing down a worry can be helpful in itself. When a worrying or troubling thought comes into the child's mind they can write it down, or draw a picture, and feed it to their monster or puppet.  They will often be willing to tell the monster about the worry when they have been unable to voice it to an adult.  In addition we are told that many children who have been sexually abused are told that they mustn't tell anyone, so telling it to a monster is often the only way they will feel able to communicate what's happened.


The therapist can get out the piece of paper on which the child has written or drawn the worry, and they can discuss it and offer reassurance and help.  All Social Work teams dealing with worried children find these items extremely helpful and there is a great demand for them.  As you can imagine, there is no budget for this sort of thing, so that is where we come in.  This is something you can do to directly help a child in need, so it feels very worthwhile.  

Before you make any item for this charity, please contact the organiser, Clare, via the Contact Page, giving brief details of your knitting, crocheting or sewing experience, thank you  CLICK HERE 

We have evolved some suitable patterns, generously donated by knitters and seamstresses which we have found to be the most useful, so we would prefer you to use these.  If you are creative and can make your own pattern, please do, however it's best is you email a picture of it first to Clare, so that we can tell if it's what is needed for this particular charity.  Our recommended patterns can be found and downloaded from the WORRY MONSTERS PATTERNS and ANIMAL WORRY EATERS page or by clicking HERE

If using any other pattern please ensure that you follow Knit-for-Nowt's safety guidelines, otherwise, sadly, we won't be able to donate it.  CLICK HERE to read these through.  We love it if you use your creativity to embellish your monsters in lots of different ways - add feet, ears, arms, hair etc. if you like, all firmly attached.



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