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Our Lucky Dip competition Raffle Draw was held on 28th November and the first 10 larger pictures below show the winners.  These were picked purely at random by therapist Kathryn Jackson at Middleton on the Wolds Primary School, East Yorkshire. The competition was not judged.


Please note that because there were so many entries, in order not to make each page of the website run slowly we are dividing up the entries into three separate Galleries.        CLICK HERE FOR GALLERY               

                                                                                 CLICK HERE FOR GALLERY 3

52 Suzi Joberns.JPG
73,74,75 Christine Walker.JPG
91 Ann Warren.JPG
101,102 Jan Ryan.JPG
203 Rosemary Dunnill.JPG
223,224 Brenda Ray.JPG
292,293,294 Kathryn Williams.JPG
295 Jane Ackerley.JPG
24 Jane Grylls.JPG
22,23 Barbara Street.JPG
3 Ruth Ogilvy-Brown.JPG
72, Marion Flavell.JPG
25 Jane Grylls.JPG
64 Maddy Maddocks.JPG
2 Ruth Ogilvy-Brown.JPG
33,34,35,36 Carol James.JPG
9-14 Lesley Pearson.JPG
37,38 Jill Wilson.JPG
30,31,32 Annett Richards.JPG
39-43 Jill Wilson.JPG
96,97 Rosy Edwards.JPG
80 Sandra Preston.JPG
104,105 Brenda Ray.JPG
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