Frequently Asked Questions   


Q   How can I know what items are in particular need at any time?

A   Please just contact Clare, either by emailing via the website, using the gmail address or phoning her on 07538 157487 and she’ll let you know the latest requests for items.  If you're new to Knit-for-Nowt please contact Clare before making any item, giving brief details of your knitting, crocheting or sewing experience.


Q   I would like to donate my items directly to my local Social Services.  So what’s the advantage of sending them to Knit-for-Nowt?

A   It’s perfectly possible to donate items directly, however you must ensure that you are following all the many safety guidelines required.  Knit-for-Nowt has been inspected by Trading Standards (we don’t trade, but the rules are the same for charities) and complies with their safety recommendations.  Knit-for-Nowt is covered by public liability and product liability insurance. We also know what the need for items is at any one time because we have regular contact with recipient teams.  If you wish to send your items locally we’re afraid it must not be under the Knit-forNowt auspices, as, having not seen the items, we can’t vouch for them.


Q   I have some brand new bought items.  Does Knit-for-Nowt accept these?

A   Yes, if you’d like to donate brand new bought hand puppets or worry monsters please do send them. If bought they should have a CE label attached or on the packaging.


Q   I have some items which are not on the website list.  Are these accepted?

A   Afraid not – please stick to the list of items needed, which you can find on the website.


Q   I have some yarn I would like to donate.  Does Knit-for-Nowt accept yarn donations?

A   Normally it's easier if you contact Clare and she will suggest possible groups locally which knit for charity.  You can then contact them directly.


Q   What kind of fibres would be best to use for Knit-for-Nowt items? 

A   In general most knitting yarns will be OK, but please avoid the use of hairy fibres such as mohair, as the fibres can become detached and are then a choking hazard to young children.


Q  Which puppets need to be happy and sad sided?  

A   The only puppets which need happy and sad sides are the people puppets such as Mum, Dad, Gran, Grandad, boy, girl.  It's not necessary on police, doctor, nurse, judge, social worker, teacher or animal puppets, which preferably should have a happy face.  It's also not essential on finger puppets, although if you wish to do so that's fine on those.


Q  What coloured yarn should I use for the families of puppets?

A   For white families any light coloured yarn, including white and pale pink is suitable.  For other ethnic skin tones please use any tan or brown (light or dark) shades, but not black thanks.


Q   Can I donate money to Knit-for-Nowt?

A   Donations of money to help with running costs of the charity are very welcome.  Please contact Clare for details of how to pay.


Q   Why are the address details for posting items not displayed on the website or on Facebook?

A   This is for reasons of security.  The postal address for sending items is only sent out by email to genuine knitters.