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Knit-for-Nowt is a charitable service which supplies hand knitted, crocheted or sewn items to those who work with vulnerable children. 


They're used to aid recovery from traumatic events such as abuse, neglect, bereavement or other serious problems, and have also been found to be a very effective way of helping children communicate with adult helpers.

Knit-for-Nowt was originally established in 2015 and at the beginning it supplied hand knitted clothes and blankets to keep people warm in Hull and East Yorkshire.  Many knitters across the UK and abroad responded to the appeal, and during the first two years thousands of warm items were distributed to a wide variety of organisations helping vulnerable babies, children and adults. 


However, as the charity grew it became apparent that there was an urgent need for items to help children heal from physical and psychological traumas. Children learn to trust the helper through interactive role play using hand puppets.  Worry Monsters are used as a way of helping children to deal with whatever is worrying them.  Children are more likely to express their feelings in this situation.


More and more requests came in from teams of Social Work therapists and others working with children in distress.  In these days of budgetary cuts the therapists have no allowance for these types of items.  So Knit-for-Nowt has transferred all of its energy into providing them. We now supply our items to therapists right across the UK.




There are thousands of children living in homes with a lack of food and warmth, living in cramped living conditions, which can include neglect, domestic abuse, substance abuse and parental mental health problems. It is essential that children who need help are identified and given the help they need.  

Social Service referrals for children are at their highest level for almost a decade after abuse was “hidden” during the pandemic, according to figures published by the Department of Education recently.  404,310 children in 2022 were assessed as being in need, equivalent to 1 in 30 children.  Of these more than half (230,830) had abuse or neglect identified as their primary need when assessed.

In addition to these cases there are many children who have suffered a family bereavement, have a condition such as autism, a learning or physical disability, depression or an eating disorder. 

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