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For general enquiries about the charity please email below (or to, or phone Clare on 01377 270624 or 07538 157487.Please note that for security reasons posting details of where to send your items are not available on this website, but can be obtained by contacting Knit-for-Nowt by email or phone.


THERAPISTS  September 2022


Back in September 2021 we were inundated with just under 1,000 requests!  Obviously, as a small charity, run by one person, it is taking a long time to complete those orders.  If you applied back then you should have received an acknowledgement email, so please let us know if you didn't get one.  We have been working flat out to fulfil the orders as fast as is reasonably possible.  The waiting list is likely to stay closed for approximately the next couple of months. If you are on the list already, but would like to know where your name has got to on it you're welcome to email Clare.


If you want to know when the list is opening WE CAN’T TAKE OR KEEP YOUR DETAILS FROM NOW ON, SORRY!  Please follow us on Facebook "Knit-for-Nowt" to get an alert when the list opens.  


We have a team of knitters, and at present we don't have spaces available for more.  We're sorry but, after taking professional advice regarding liability and safety, our patterns are now only available to our registered team of knitters/seamstresses.  We also now have a waiting list of knitters wishing to join our effort, and we don't have space for more.  For any other enquiries please fill in the form below, thank you.

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