Get in touch with Knit-for-Nowt!

We'd love to hear from you, whether it's to tell us that you knit, crochet, sew, or that you would like items to help in your work; also for general enquiries about the scheme.  Please email below (or to, or phone Clare on 01377 270624 or 07538 157487.Please note that for security reasons posting details are not available on this website, but can be obtained by contacting Knit-for-Nowt by email or phone.


STOP PRESS for THERAPISTS!  June 2020. We are currently operating 2 waiting lists, one for free Worry Monsters, and the other for therapy hand puppets.  You're very welcome to request them and be placed on either or both lists.  However we have had a huge number of requests recently, so please bear with us, as there will be a wait of several weeks for your items.

TO REQUEST ITEMS please include your postal address, a phone number (preferably your personal mobile) and how many in your team, thank you.

Please go to REQUEST ITEMS and TERMS AND CONDITIONS for further details.

STOP PRESS for KNITTERS AND SEAMSTRESSES!  We urgently need your items.  So please do contact us if you can help (by email using this form is preferable) - there are a huge number of children needing help and just waiting for your puppets and worry monsters.  Please note that providing your address is optional for knitters. (If the form doesn't work without it please just enter your road name!)